Benevolent Cruisers Foundation Spoke Owners

The Benevolent Cruisers Foundation is looking for "Spoke Owners" to help support our newly commissioned organization! For more details on what it takes to become a Benevolent Cruisers Foundation Spoke Owner, please visit our Spoke Owner Page

Here, we recognize those cherished individuals and organizations that saw fit to support the Foundation in it's mission and stepped up to become Spoke Owners!

Benevolent Cruisers Foundation Spoke Owners

Donald Cronan

First Officer, SCRC Chapter 435
Spoke Owner #1

SCRC Chapter 435 Members

Donald Cronan, First Officer
Preble County, Camden, Ohio
Spoke Owner #2

SCRC Chapter 369 Members

David Chandler, First Officer
Scioto County, Portsmouth, Ohio
Spoke Owner #3

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