About the Benevolent Cruisers Foundation

The Benevolent Cruisers Foundation was formed in 2023 by members of the motorcycle riding community who saw firsthand the challenges faced by organizations trying to get donations and organize events to support their cherished charities. As the financial climate goes through it's inevitable ups and downs, companies and other sources wishing to engage in philanthropic activities are increasingly restricting their contributions to those organizations that can provide a legitimate tax deduction. This restriction then makes it harder to get support for events that then ultimately support a charitable cause.

The Benevolent Cruisers Foundation was created to help bridge this gap. The Foundation is recognized as tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501c3 and is further classified as a public charity under IRC section 509(a)(2). As such, contributions, bequests, transfers and gifts are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. Our annual filings may be found here.

Our mission is to assist groups and organizations wishing to support charitable causes by providing logistics and administrative support through the services we provide which facilitate the acquisition of contributions earmarked for the destination charitable cause, management and documentation necessary to support the fundraising logistics, and then distribution of the results of the fundraising effort to the destination charitable cause. We perform this mission through services such as Managed Charitable Funds and Managed Charitable Events, among others.

We further seek to minimize or ideally eliminate the cost these services have on the fundraising effort by seeking support for Foundation operations through our own programs and events such as the Spoke Owner program, Foundation Members and Foundation merchandise. The Foundation's fees for services are maintained at the lowest possible level and are evaluated on a quarterly basis for reduction or elimination based on the support we receive. To help us in this, we hope you'll check out one of our programs or consider a direct donation or other gift.

While the Benevolent Cruisers Foundation has its roots in the motorcycle riding community, the Foundation provides its services to any organization wishing to implement an effort to support a charitable cause. The colored hands in our logo symbolize diverse peoples and diverse causes. If you're interested in learning more about how the Benevolent Cruisers Foundation can help your group or organization support your favorite charitable cause, please reach out to us at or by phone at 513-757-5075

Please also consider helping us support our clients by participating in one of the Supported Events or contributing to one of the Supported Causes

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