Benevolent Cruisers Foundation Status Updates

Up to the minute updates! Check back here often to see what the Benevolent Cruisers Foundation is up to. Images may be clicked to view larger sizes.

2024-05-13 - 10:44:00

Check out the patch design we just put together for the Rev Up 2024, Longest Day event benefitting the Alzheimers Association!

2024-02-06 - 16:30:00

We're busy setting up some check-out code for an Easter related event, and had to chuckle a bit at the framework code as it was coming together...

2023-12-25 - 13:49:00

Off to a slow start on the Benevolent Cruisers Foundation Facebook page. If you're on the platform, how about giving us a "like"?

2023-12-24 - 14:45:00

It's LIVE! We're excited to report that we've rolled out the payment API for Benevolent Cruisers Foundation Memberships! Memberships are available as a one time purchase ($30), as an annual subscription ($30 annually) and as a monthly subscription ($2.99 monthly). Members get discounts on admission to Foundation sponsored events as well as other perks, and membership helps the Foundation keep from charging clients for it's services. We hope you'll become a member today!

2023-11-28 - 08:14:00

Following "Black Friday", "Small Business Saturday", and "Cyber Monday", today is "Giving Tuesday". Won't you please consider supporting the Benevolent Cruisers Foundation in your gifts? Even $1 helps! We are a 501c3 charity providing administrative and logistics support to organizations and groups trying to support charitable causes.

Your tax deductible donation goes toward our operating expenses and reduces or eliminates the fees we need to charge for services to our clients. This results in more money going to the cause they're trying to support. Donation amounts begin at one dollar! We appreciate any amount you can contribute!

2023-11-24 - 10:20:00

This morning, we're thankful for David Chandler! Not only has he been one of several advisors we've had working on formation of the Foundation and had some input on some of our graphics and patches, he's now stepped up as the third Spoke Owner! Thank you sir! For those that aren't aware, Foundation support projects such as the Spoke Owner program contribute to the Foundation's overhead and help us minimize or eliminate the fees we need to charge organizations for our services. Check out our current list of Spoke Owners!

2023-11-22 - 14:38:00

The Benevolent Cruisers Foundation is now set up to accept Zelle as a form of payment for donations, registrations and other transactions. The benefit of it is there's no fee unlike other e-payment types, so your entire contribution goes to where it's needed or intended!

2023-11-21 - 16:31:00

Special thanks to Dave Chandler for the color revision on our logo symbolizing both diverse peoples and diverse causes! Check out our About Us Page page for more information about our mission.

2023-11-21 - 10:35:00

Thank you so much to Donald Cronan and the members of SCRC Preble County chapter 435 for stepping up to become our first two Spoke Owners! Be sure to check out the current list of Spoke Owners!

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